Drug and alcohol rehab can be greatly improved by the implementation of technology. There are more and more options for health care providers to create better and more personalized care options for their clients. These options can also be used to proved less expensive and more accessible modes of care. This article describes five different ways that technology can improve the care available in this area. 

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There has been exponential progress in the development of mobile and computer technology, and such technological innovations have shown considerable promise in helping to facilitate effective methods of drug and alcohol rehab. An increasing amount and variety of technology-based interventions have been designed for the management of drug and alcohol addiction recovery, including the use of emails, group chats, and video conferences. Entire mobile applications have been developed with the mission to help users achieve long-term sobriety.


  • SELF-HELP INTERVENTIONS may be facilitated through websites to be easily accessible to anyone in the process of drug or alcohol rehab. These websites would typically incorporate informational support through self-guided therapeutic education.


  • ONLINE COUNSELING involves communications and interactions between a professional therapist and a client via email, chat, or video conferencing and may be conducted in real-time or asynchronously.


  • VIRTUAL REALITY, wherein people represent themselves through different avatars, may be utilized for drug or alcohol addiction therapy. Within this digital space, users can interact interpersonally or avail of group services.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA is on the rise as a utility for drug and alcohol rehab. Online support groups are created and maintained by social media users on a variety of popular platforms. In these community forms, users can share insights and reflections that can benefit other online members.


  • MOBILE APPLICATIONS have been designed to aid in drug or alcohol rehab. These are often cheap or free to download, and they can help users with recovery management, in a variety of ways, such as by keeping track of their consumption or sobriety, offering encouragement, or connecting them with other recovering addicts or with physicians.


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