Together, we create the Circle of Support to help ensure a full and lasting recovery.

Hayver provides real-time, digitized visibility -- to support and monitor recovery success.


Based on scientific evidence, the only thing that has proven to change behavior is the daily possibility of being tested for drugs or alcohol.



Peers, loved ones or professionals will be there to help ensure the client tests every day via the Circle of Support.

Therapy & Education

Building a network of therapists and educational materials to support your clients.


Improve your chances of staying in recovery with monitoring

  • For decades, this type of program has been working. However, it has only been available, at great cost, to licensed professionals like physicians and pilots.
  • Numerous studies show that this is a highly effective program that works. Hayver is now taking it mainstream, by bringing an affordable and accessible option to everyone.
Here is How it Works. (click on + below)

Here is How it Works for Clients. (click on + below)

Sign Up and Choose Circle of Support
  • Sign up and add people to your Circle of Support
  • Fundamentally, this is your accountability network
  • Be very courageous when selecting these people
  • Choose people who care about you … it is critical to the success of the system
  • These are the people that will receive text messages or emails on a daily or weekly basis on your progress
  • They will know your check-in rate and will verify your urine alcohol and drug tests
  • These are the people to whom you are accountable
  • They are there to help, not hinder your well-being
Daily Check-In and Notification
  • After you have signed up, download the app to your iPhone or smartphone
  • If you do not have a smartphone, then log into your account from a PC, Mac or tablet
  • Check in the very first day you sign up via the Daily Check-In screen
  • It’s very easy – you just click one button to acknowledge that you have Checked In
  • You and your Circle of Support will be instantly notified if you have been randomly selected for testing that day
  • GREAT – do this every day and you will automatically score 100%!
  • On a DAILY basis, after you click the Check In button, your Circle of Support will be notified that you have checked in
  • Recovery is a daily process
  • Check in again tomorrow!
Testing and Verification
  • After you have signed up, you will receive an unmarked package at the address you have specified
  • The package will contain the urine alcohol and drug screening tests for you to utilize at home
  • The urine tests should arrive within two or three days
  • Your first RANDOM possibility of being tested will not occur until after you receive the screening tests, based on us being notified by the delivery service
  • As you log in on a DAILY basis, you and your Circle of Support will be notified if you have been randomly selected for testing that day
  • Recovery is a daily process. If you have not been selected for testing, check in again tomorrow.
  • If you have been selected for testing, fill the sample cup halfway, with your own urine, and follow the testing instructions provided with the kit
  • The easiest way to verify results is to simply show someone in your Circle of Support – being accountable to them and yourself is critical for the success of this program
  • Enter your urine test result into the Hayver system (instructions provided in the kit)
  • Enter the name of the person who has verified your result into the Hayver system
  • Check in again tomorrow!

Easy Visibility on Client Stats

Compare Analytics to Improve Your Program

Use Documented Results to Market Your Services

Outpatient Addiction & Alcoholism Support is an essential step in recovery. Check out how Hayver can help, today.

Addiction & Alcoholism can only be overcome with support. Support from professionals, family, friends and perhaps even the employer. This is especially the case for individuals who have as a requirement that they remain clean for their occupation, e.g., medical professionals, emergency response personnel and those driving trucks, buses and planes. The Hayver system has been built to provide your client with the power of a strong support network, along with random urine screening, so they can have success and your recovery program can increase its long-term relapse-prevention statistics.

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Circle of Support

Your clients need your support, and the support of others, to monitor and celebrate their victories! With real-time visibility and analytics, the Hayver system provides the power and strength to help ensure your recovery program extends into successful relapse prevention.

Hayver lets the Circle of Support know that your clients are experiencing success in overcoming their desire to use alcohol or drugs. Success is what we do best.

Easy-to-Use App

In just one minute every day, your clients will self-monitor their compliance to drug and alcohol avoidance.

Through daily check-ins, and the strong psychological deterrent of the possibility of a random 5-day urine screen, your organization will have the advanced analytics, digital time stamps, and electronic documentation to free up your staff for more important activities.


Hayver has been built on sound research. Programs that include a daily check-in, verified by random urine screens, show results that you improve your chances of staying in recovery with monitoring.

The Hayver system was conceived, built and created by a recovering physician and his family. We want you and your organization to be on the winning side — so Join The Hayver Team today.

Praise for the Hayver Circle of Support

“For the last couple of years, I was considering developing an app that would simplify drug and alcohol monitoring. Then earlier this year, my old friends John Copenhaver and Noel Orsborn met with me and showed me exactly what I had envisioned. We know that long-term monitoring works, and we are happy to be collaborating with our two friends, John and Noel, to augment the care of our clients in this way.”

Taylor Hagin

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Safety Net Recovery

“Accountability for one’s own actions is critical, which is why we began working with Hayver for our alumni program. When our clients exit Second Chance, they re-enter a less structured environment, and we believe the
Hayver smartphone platform is perfect to keep accountability in their lives, with the people closest to them.”

Debbie Cohen

Executive Director, Second Chance Recovery Residences

“With the Hayver Platform, we can extend our staff’s ability to support and monitor our residents ongoing recovery. The application allows us to create an accountability network outside the walls of the residences. These circles of support share in their daily victories, such as overcoming the impulses to renew previous addiction-related behaviors, and they give encouragement that reinforces our residents’ recovery journey.”

Beth Fisher Sanders

Founder and Executive Director, Hope Homes Recovery Services

“Aftercare monitoring is essential for long-term recovery.”

Kevin McKnight, MD

Recovery Specialist, New Bern, North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hayver system. You can also email us at and we’ll get back to you with a response to your question.

question-logoQuestion #1: Why is the Hayver system different than anything else?

Many recovery out-patient programs and other successful programs include a Daily Check-In component. In fact, it has been proven that a Daily Check-In is the ONLY thing that works to help you be drug-free or maintain sobriety.

Uniquely, the Hayver system is the only one that is 1) online, 2) involves a Circle of Support that is informed about your client’s Daily Check-In status, 3) provides state-of-the-art urine screening that detects alcohol or drug use in the previous 5 days, 4) digitizes and streamlines documentation to free up your staff for more important work, 5) provides real-time visibility and time-stamps for all client activity, including urine screening results and 6) allows you to monitor your stats to improve your program’s effectiveness, while comparing your performance to other organizations.

question-logoQuestion #2: If someone in the Circle of Support suspects that your client has been drinking or taking drugs, will they start nagging them? How does the Hayver system help with these confrontational issues?

Based on the Hayver plan that is chosen, the minimum number of urine screens is two per month for use in post-recovery situations, and can be provided daily, or more, for in-recovery usage. Each screen registers alcohol or drugs taken in the last 5 days.

An important feature of the Hayver system is Spot Checks. So, anyone in the Circle of Support can ask the system to have ‘today’ be the day the person is required to do a urine screen. However, your client is not told whether today’s screen was ordered by the system, or ordered by someone in their Circle of Support.

question-logoQuestion #3: How much does the Hayver service cost?

Contact us about pricing to develop a customized plan for your organization. However, our pricing allows you the flexibility of adding it into your services as a new offering, thereby generating an additional revenue stream, or passing on the costs directly to your clients.

As a part of your recovery program, the Hayver system provides real-time documentation, visibility into the data, and comparative analytics, while freeing up your staff for more important work.

The Hayver system is just a small, post-recovery investment for your clients, to increase their long-term recovery success, and can be billed to their credit card for convenient processing.

Together, We Can!