COVID-19 has changed our lives in ways we could not have imagined. Many are concerned about the appropriate time to play this waiting game. To avoid a second wave of the disease, researchers are delicately exploring appropriate activities. Since a COVID-19 specific treatment has yet to be developed, it is important that we enact a plan to monitor the disease and limit transmission. There is a new antibody test that can pinpoint exposure to the disease. Will this help us to safely transition back to normalcy? If you are interested in ways this test can help the transition, we invite you to read the full article.

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Researchers are unsure about how long COVID-19 will be an active part of our lives. Since this is all new, there is no plan on the appropriate amount of time to stay quarantined. Even though there is a pandemic occurring, there are still needs that must be addressed. Since some companies and businesses have closed for at least three months, economists stress the importance of a swift recovery. In order to move closer to normal duties, we need to explore ways to stop the transmission of the disease. Researchers experienced a breakthrough with a new antibody test in the UK which could help with COVID-19 related planning.


This test checks a patient’s blood for the presence of a certain Coronavirus-specific antibody. If the antibody is present, then the patient has been exposed to the COVID-19 infection at some point. Sam Corbishley of Metro News states, “Professor John Newton, national coordinator of the UK Coronavirus Testing Programme, said although it was still unclear to what extent the presence of antibodies indicated immunity to Covid-19, it was a ‘very positive development’.” This antibody test is very efficient and is 100% correct; this means all positive results indicate the person has been exposed to COVID-19. This information could come in handy for the workplace reintegration process.


Employers could use the information obtained from the antibody test to aid the screening processes already enacted; there is a great need for better screening criteria. The most common screening process consists of a temperature check and a series of questions about presence of COVID-19 related symptoms. It is easy for someone with Coronavirus to give incorrect information, whether intentionally or not. Also, even though a fever is a main symptom of COVID-19, there are some patients that have contracted the disease and experienced none of the symptoms primarily associated with the disease. Every day we learn more about Coronavirus, and the list of symptoms has become long. It is also possible for someone to be a carrier of the disease and spread it to others unknowingly.


Health leaders are working to make this test readily available for the public. Although there is more research needed to understand COVID-19 immunity, we are one step closer to understanding this disease.


To learn more about the antibody test, please read the article source on the Metro News website.


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