With the coronavirus pandemic affecting people’s ability to go outside due to stay at home orders, sporting events and other outdoor gatherings have been canceled or postponed. Read on to find out how the virus is posing a challenge to athletics and the physical wellbeing of Americans, as well as recommendations for a safe return to athletic activities.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.un.org

Sports help people feel empowered, stay fit and active, and are a large part of the economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of these benefits. Most major athletics events were cancelled or delayed until next year, including the first ever postponement of the Olympics and Paralympics. The sports and athletics industry is estimated to be valued at an annual cost of $756 billion, and the pandemic has put athletes, coaches, and all others involved behind the scenes and connected to sports in other ways out of work. Athletes must also rethink the way they train and are at risk of losing sponsors.


Athletic events are also a major way for people to connect and learn to work together, and they also bring color and vibrancy to life. Various groups, especially minorities, can engage socially with their communities and learn new skills. People involved in athletics have used social media and the internet during this time to try to resolve issues within the larger community, such as accessibility to sport for marginalized groups.


COVID-19 has also led to the closure of gyms, pools, playgrounds, and dance and fitness studios nationwide. As a result, a majority of people becoming less physically active than usual. Lack of exercise can have effects on the immune system and mental health, which can increase stress and anxiety. Individuals can avoid this by using everyday things in their home for fitness ,such as climbing the stairs in multiple reps, participating in fitness games with their family, or engaging in strength training. They can also attend classes online. Sports provide a support system for youth and adults, and many teams have begun hosting virtual trainings and events


The UN recommends the following to keep athletics safe and accessible during the pandemic. Removing barriers to online resources to encourage families to stay fit at home is crucial, so that they can continue getting exercise at home. They also recommend that the government and other stake holders should collaborate to devise national policies for advancement during coronavirus, as well as conducting outreach to get more people involved in athletics.


To find out more about sports during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the source article on the United Nations website.


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