The Hayver Circle of Support and Random Testing:

Created to Heal the Brain and Build Peace of Mind

— from Hayver, The After Care Experts

Recent research has taught us that alcohol and drugs fundamentally damage the brain — in new and unexpected ways.

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But, the brain CAN be repaired — with abstinence and patience.

Supporting your clients in their struggle … we are here to help!

LOGIC IS LOST … the brain’s “President” is no longer in charge!

  • Science has now confirmed that alcohol and other drugs have a strong, damaging effect on the brain’s frontal cortex, particularly the left frontal and prefrontal cortex.
  • We will consider the frontal cortex to be the President of this company called Brain, Inc. The left frontal and prefrontal cortex are the Managers in the Brain company.
  • The President (frontal cortex) is the area of the brain that controls “executive” functioning, which is a fancy term for decision-making.
  • The frontal cortex is the place that allows us to make sound, logical decisions, as it controls our decision-making processes.
  • This is the LOGICAL part of the brain which, unfortunately, is severely damaged by alcohol and other drugs. Imagine losing the President — and no one has been prepared to be a replacement!

EMOTION TAKES OVER … the emotional, inexperienced, brand New Recruit takes over!

  • In our brain, many of the impulses from the emotional regions of the brain come from the limbic system and travel to the frontal cortex areas. Let’s consider the limbic system to be a like a newbie, a New Recruit in this company. Lots of energy, but without much experience and focus.
  • These emotions from the New Recruit are then processed through the decision-making pathways in the frontal cortex. Imagine the New Recruit wanting to do things, with no Manager or President to say ‘yes or no’!
  • Normally, the neurons (which send and transfer the signals in the brain) are like Managers, feeding information into the President (the frontal cortex), so the President can make the big decisions. These Managers are now also damaged, as well!

SOUND DECISION-MAKING IS GONE … the President and Managers are ineffective!

  • The President’s job is to put a halt on the emotional impulses and poor decision-making coming from the New Recruit. The President and Managers are responsible for helping the New Recruit understand about such things like delayed gratification and the ability to consider various alternatives to certain behaviors.
  • But with alcoholism or drug addiction, the President is not there to help control the New Recruit’s erratic behavior, and even the Managers are unable to function properly!
  • Simply put, the President (the frontal cortex) is no longer able to process decisions and decide, “this is a good idea or this is a bad idea.” The New Recruit is left in charge of everything!
  • With damage to this area of the brain from drugs or alcohol, it removes the ability of the President to make the best decisions. The New Recruit now makes all of the decisions – and emotion rules.

REPAIRING THE BRAIN … putting the President back in charge of Brain, Inc.!

  • Note: There is ALWAYS damage to the President (frontal cortex), along with the Managers, from drugs or alcohol. This then makes the person who is struggling, now fundamentally incapable of healthy and sound decision making. They CANNOT logically decide to stop drinking, despite severe consequences.
  • But, it can be reversed. By stopping (completely) the drugs and alcohol, the prefrontal cortex begins to heal, but it takes time.
  • And, if drugs or alcohol are re-started, the brain is immediately damaged. The President loses all authority and control — again!

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? … to repair the damage with abstinence and patience.

  • It takes a minimum of four to six months for the brain to start to return to normal.
  • Scientists have tested 100’s of people via brain scans; and, it is clear that it takes 4 to 6 months before a damaged brain will begin to resemble the normal patterns of a non-addicted brain in the frontal and prefrontal cortex areas.
  • And, via these same brain scans, it takes eighteen to twenty four months of total and complete abstinence for the frontal cortex of the brain to be fully recovered.

So, based on brain research studies, experience, and the lifelong chronic nature of alcoholism and addiction, two or more years of monitoring is an absolute requirement — to ensure the President is put back in charge!

“I’ve been so impressed with the simplicity and ease of use for the system.”

“Being able to choose my Circle of Support was very important to me.”

“I’m telling everyone in my 12-step group.”


“This is a way to remind me every day, and encourage me, to make good choices.”



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Heal the Brain and Build Peace of Mind

  1. Clients Sign Up for the Daily Check-In and Random Urine Testing.
  2. The Hayver System Helps them Celebrate Every Day.
  3. Now Praise can Come Directly from Their Circle of Support.

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Check In when it fits your schedule, any time day or night, online 24/7. Available 7 days a week, round-the-clock


The system only tells your Circle of Support whether you have checked in daily, and the results of your random urine testing


You choose YOUR Circle of Support — and only you and your supporters know who is part of your team


Easy-to-read graphs let you know your progress in meeting your Daily Check-In goals


Check In is under a minute. Click on the button, and you’re done! Fast, easy and convenient via any device


With an easy-to-use cup, check your urine for drugs or alcohol in the last 5 to 10 days


The random urine testing is set by the system, based on your history, with spot checks added, as needed, by your Circle of Support


Now your loved ones can celebrate your success by viewing your consistent daily check in behavior

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