As fall and holidays getting closer, many may have questions about how holidays will look with Covid-19. Halloween is the first holiday that could look a little different but some individuals have come up with an exciting way to social distance. Take a look at these Halloween candy slides ideas! Thank you to Fox News for this article.


As we are all beginning to make a return back to work, you know it is your business’ responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Since 2017, Hayver has been helping organizations quickly and easily check the health status of people. 
In this tumultuous COVID time, the new Hayver Shield app will help you know who is potentially sick, and streamline other information you need to collect BEFORE they show up at your door, PLUS provide steps on ‘what to do next’. Please forward this to other business owners you know. It’s free for the first month, so tell your colleagues to try it out. Contact us and we will get you signed up with your promo code.  Check out and access background info here.

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