Hayver is Taking Science Proven in the Professional Community


And Making it Accessible and Affordable for Everyone

On the Hayver Platform, patients have access to long-term monitoring previously only available to medical professionals or other licensed professionals who are suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism

  • Compared to individuals who obtained help, those who did not were less likely to achieve 3-year remission and subsequently were more likely to relapse.  February 2006, “Rates and predictors of relapse after natural and treated remission from alcohol use disorders”, Rudolf H. Moos and Bernice S. Moos
  • Addicted physicians receive an intensity, duration, and quality of care that is rarely available in most standard addiction treatments: (a) intensive and prolonged residential and outpatient treatment, (b) 5 years of extended support and monitoring with significant consequences, and (c) involvement of family, colleagues, and employers in support and monitoring. July 2009, “How are addicted physicians treated? A national survey of Physician Health Programs,” DuPont RL, McLellan, et al.
  •  Remarkably, 78% of [physician] participants had no positive test for either alcohol or drugs over the 5-year period of intensive monitoring. At post-treatment follow-up 72% of the physicians were continuing to practice medicine. March 2009, “Setting the standard for recovery: Physicians’ Health Programs,” DuPont RL, McLellan, et al.

A digital behavior-change platform based on 5 foundations:

1 – Psychological Deterrence – Platform randomly selects Members for urine testing based on prior behavior

2 – Peer-to-Peer Accountability – Activities and notifications are provided to Member’s Circle of Support

3 – Psychological Incentives with Crypto-Rewards – Members and the Circle of Support are rewarded for healthful activities and outcomes

4 – Love Economy – Circle of Support sends feedback to the Member via love, hugs and kudos emojis, triggering psychological desire/need to accumulate them and be rewarded, similar effect to the like button on Facebook ❤️????

5 – Health and Educational Information – Members and the Circle of Support will be able to access digital education modules, lectures, and materials.

By providing the psychological deterrent, the tools for monitoring, a Circle of Support and a way to celebrate successes, the Hayver system helps your clients come out of hiding, and realize a full recovery.

Don’t Let Your Clients Go It Alone … Long-Term Recovery is Now More Certain.


We are here to help … Together, We Can!

With Hayver, once your clients have turned the corner, make sure their willingness to change is positively reinforced every day. In this way, they have the opportunity to still be clean in 5 years. With positive reinforcement, they can be a part of the Hayver Team.

Compliance Builds Strength and Fortitude.


And the Circle of Support Can Celebrate their Successes!

Daily compliance and monitoring is essential. Based on brain research studies and the lifelong chronic nature of alcoholism and addiction, two or more years of monitoring is an absolute requirement.

“I’ve been so impressed with the simplicity and ease of use for the system.”

“Being able to choose my Circle of Support was very important to me.”

“I’m telling everyone in my 12-step group.”


“This is a way to remind me every day, and encourage me, to make good choices.”

A Celebration of Success!


Together, We Can!

Positive reinforcement, a strong deterrent via random screening, and a daily opportunity for your Circle of Support to celebrate your success, are all key to your long-term recovery. Together, we can!



Easy Access







Heal Your Brain and Build Peace of Mind

  1. Sign Up for the Daily Check-In and Random Urine Testing.
  2. Let the Hayver System Help you Celebrate Every Day.
  3. Start Receiving Praise from Your Circle of Support.

Features You’ll Love!



Check In when it fits your schedule, any time day or night, online 24/7. Available 7 days a week, round-the-clock


The system only tells your Circle of Support whether you have checked in daily, and the results of your random urine testing


You choose YOUR Circle of Support — and only you and your supporters know who is part of your team


Easy-to-read graphs let you know your progress in meeting your Daily Check-In goals


Check In is under a minute. Click on the button, and you’re done! Fast, easy and convenient via any device


With an easy-to-use cup, check your urine for drugs or alcohol in the last 5 to 10 days


The random urine testing is set by the system, based on your history, with spot checks added, as needed, by your Circle of Support


Now your loved ones can celebrate your success by viewing your consistent daily check in behavior

Praise for the Hayver Circle of Support

“For the last couple of years, I was considering developing an app that would simplify drug and alcohol monitoring. Then earlier this year, my old friends John Copenhaver and Noel Orsborn met with me and showed me exactly what I had envisioned. We know that long-term monitoring works, and we are happy to be collaborating with our two friends, John and Noel, to augment the care of our clients in this way.”

Taylor Hagin

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Safety Net Recovery

“Accountability for one’s own actions is critical, which is why we began working with Hayver for our alumni program. When our clients exit Second Chance, they re-enter a less structured environment, and we believe the
Hayver smartphone platform is perfect to keep accountability in their lives, with the people closest to them.”

Debbie Cohen

Executive Director, Second Chance Recovery Residences

“With the Hayver Platform, we can extend our staff’s ability to support and monitor our residents ongoing recovery. The application allows us to create an accountability network outside the walls of the residences. These circles of support share in their daily victories, such as overcoming the impulses to renew previous addiction-related behaviors, and they give encouragement that reinforces our residents’ recovery journey.”

Beth Fisher Sanders

Founder and Executive Director, Hope Homes Recovery Services

“Aftercare monitoring is essential for long-term recovery.”

Kevin McKnight, MD

Recovery Specialist, New Bern, North Carolina

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