Safely Returning to Work & Commerce

For COVID-19: Reducing Risk Wherever People Gather

Hayver Shield: Symptoms, Testing and Point of Entry CheckerApp

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Making an Impact Across the Globe for COVID-19

  • Identify and isolate those infected
  • Protect high-risk people
  • Predict those who may or will become infected
  • Monitor health & disease symptoms

The New Responsible Normal

Maintain routine checks and screens and make sure all immunization and COVID related paperwork is up to date. 

Businesses & Organizations

The system helps identify and isolate infected persons, and lets healthy people get back to work, school or activities.

Hayver securely and privately collects the information to identify and track:

  • Immunity status

  • Antibody levels

  • Symptom screening

  • Temperature checks

  • Previous COVID diagnosis/recovery

  • Test results

And more…


Safely Returning to Work and Commerce

  • Businesses need tools to pave the way for a responsible approach

  • Reported data, and a formal commitment to their health status, involves the employee or consumer in accountability for the outcomes

  • Allows organizations to put in business operations and processes to providing a safer environment

  • Builds customer confidence that the organization is to be trusted

  • Helps to plan for staffing and workflow issues that may arise due to illness

Wherever people gather there is risk, liability and a potential for viral spread.

You need to know:

– Who is immune
– Who is HERE TODAY, in case someone in their vicinity gets sick.

Because it is your responsibility to maintain a safe environment for employers and customers.

Take Responsibility and Action

Businesses need the right tools to pave the way for a responsible approach to safe workplaces. We allow organizations to put business processes and operations in place to support various levels of immunity. By making sure both employees and customers keep up to date reports on their health status, businesses can hold individuals accountable as well. Let us help you build customer confidence and reconstruct a safe working environment.

Population Health Platform for Addiction Recovery

Since 2017 Hayver has been developing and operating a HIPPA compliant Population Health Accountability and Reward platform to change behavior related to chronic diseases and problems.

The Recovery App has been deployed and tested to help people overcome drug and alcohol abuse. We enable providers and facilities to support, monitor and hold accountable their patients and residents and provide real-time intervention.

Due to Covid-19, we’ve developed an application called Shield to help businesses bring employees back to work safely while reducing risk of exposure to infection and spread of the virus. Employees complete a daily health screening for potential symptoms and testing protocols.